Part II: Thoughts Led by Genome Sequencing

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Analyze from the perspective of economic data and relevant fields, the current layout and investment of the international gene market are basically developed around six chunks. As for how much to put in each sector and where to start, the investment community believes that wise investors make wise decisions.

human_genome_project-rew23andMe “squandered” nearly a decade of capital, and finally defeated its two strong components Navigenics and deCODE. Even though, I believe 23andMe must be having a hard time. Only in the United States, entrepreneurs and investors have such patience to suffer ten years without profit earning. The only conviction for them is to gain the achievements of a great career.

What’s the so-called dream?

This dream is data. As Page, the founder of Goodle, said, “I want the data of the world in my laptop”. This time, the ex-wife of Page’s partner Brin told the world through 23andMe that “I want the healthcare data of the whole world in my phone “.

Genetic testing companies focusing on “obtaining genetic data” are going forward the “decapitation cliff”. Only those “customer-centric” ones will achieve a temporary rapid development. Some people think that the one who obtained the medical data grasps the future. I personally do not think so.

Let’s take a summit as an example. Two or three thousand people attend the summit, and the organizers get the information of these people. In fact, if I sent my own two-dimensional code in the summit, I can take away half of the attendees in just a few hours. If I give valuable presents to every user who follows me by this code, some of them will immediately click the “follow” button. My way of getting users is simply not at the same level of the organizers’ who pay to organize the summit.

In the future, the one who can transfer the medical data into useful information and knowledge to physicians faster can obtain clients.

Physicians think they can make reasonable judgment to medicine once they get the genetic data. How can physicians accurately evaluate it? We change the big data into small ones, then the small ones into useful information and the useful information into practical knowledge. All these together form commercial value by making knowledge run in a circle.

We believe that the final goal of technology is to improve living rather than change physicians. Physicians will not be subverted by genetic testing and medical internet. On the contrary, their status will become increasingly important as there are more tools lead to faster diagnosis and much more accurate treatment programs. If I were asked whether physicians will be weeded out in the future, I would say never.

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