Biological Laboratory Safety Has Raised Attention Again

Generally speaking, biological laboratory safety is extensively important so that everyone should pay enough attention to such issue. Historically, biological laboratory accidents are common and human beings have had some lessons as well. Recently, the uncovered security vulnerability events in biological laboratory have raised social attention again, which makes people feel worried. In fact, taking biological samples outside of the laboratory, using outdated disinfectants or transporting dangerous microorganisms with plastic bags that don’t meet safe requirements, any of these behaviors can cause security problems. Maybe we should think about the basic problem and how to solve it.

More specifically, omissions and accidents on biological laboratory management can not only make the laboratory staff get infected, but are more likely to cause environmental pollution and large-scale crowds infection. Recently, some laboratories’ safety problems have been brought to the public cusp. A series of vulnerabilities have been known to the public, which makes people surprised. Taking the bacillus anthracis accident as an example, a scientist has made a mistake while inactivating bacillus anthracis (he thought he had inactivated the bacteria), making other staff contact the live bacillus anthracis inadvertently. Survey shows that some staff didn’t strictly comply with the safety standards of research projects such as the lack of proper record of regular operation procedures on biological samples, as well as the supervision on the researchers participated in inactivation work.

Taking another accident as an instance, it’s a influenza virus incident. A flu lab mixed a highly pathogenic influenza virus while developing a low pathogenic influenza virus for an external laboratory. This accident has been reported to the CDC after six weeks. Why would it happen? There is no doubt that those lab staff would be punished for the lack of responsibility. To be honest, such accident can cause extensively serious results, which might endanger people’s life to a large degree. If an active smallpox spread out, what would happen then? I believe no one wants to see that scene. Clearly, the local governments should take some measures to improve the safety problems, including some relevant necessary principles or standard laws. Briefly, biological laboratory safety is very important. We should pay enough attention to this special issue.

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