New Drugs Now Need $2.6 Billion

The problem of drug cost has raised increasing attention in recent days, and different people hold different opinions. It’s hard to say whether they are wrong. Also, the reckoning mode of drug development is particular as well, varying from $500 million to $5 billion now. The most referred number is $802 million, developed by Tufts Drug Development Research Center. Furthermore, the latest data has shown the typical cost of medicine is $2.6 billion, containing $1.4 billion in R&D studies and $1.2 billion in investment losses. Nowadays, development of new pharmaceuticals is more troublesome, with growing headway cost. Why?

Doubtlessly, it might due to the inflation, and increasing higher regulatory edge. For example, the blood pointer has been difficult in clinical progression since 2000, and the change of clinical markers has been a crucial aspect for new prescriptions, which will definitely fabricate the costs to a greater degree. But Tufts’ figures are not correct any more because it didn’t reflect the present cost of new medicines. Under the specific condition, Tufts’ experiment data contain about 106 R&D projects from 10 pharmaceutical associations, changing in size while with a sensible part. Compound must be regulatory research. Thus, the data is somewhat in self-assertive, which is the reason why it’s accurate.

To be more general, data aggregation in the rapid development of new drugs is affected by diverse components, including the R&D hypothesis. Moreover, merely 7.1% blends are allowed to be accessible to the market, while most such upgrades are suspended at their various stages. Additionally, the cost has contained various elements as well, such as antibody, test examination and quality control. However, a problem is still existed. Is there a better approach to reduce the cost of publicizing prescriptions. When it comes to those pharmaceutical associations, the data given by Tufts can be applied to decide their own specific drug models.

Briefly, the specific cost may be assorted based on several factors like sub-nuclear targets. In terms of the present period of drug progression, more trials must be done to improve the problem. However, how to improve the situation in a better method? Maybe higher cost in new drug’s development is necessary.


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