Membrane Transport Proteins——A New Target of Drug Screening Model

Membrane transport proteins, as a complex category of integral membrane proteins, mediate the in-and-out of molecules through the membranes. In terms of the chemical essence, they are semi-permeable membranes. Confirmed by using artificial lipid membranes, it is clear that lipid-soluble molecules and uncharged polar small molecules can easily complete the diffusion of plasma membranes, such as O2, N2, ethanol, urea, glycerol, and so on. While on the other hand, those uncharged but larger polar molecules like amino acids are difficult to pass through.

01300000362539124185473938983Generally speaking, based on the modes of action, membrane transport proteins could be classified into three major categories: ATP-powered pumps, Channel proteins and Transporters. A substance has diverse transport mechanisms on different occasions and a physiological activity is always conducted under the coordination among various transport mechanisms. Certainly, researches on the structure and function of membrane transport proteins are very important, and the separation and purification of massive proteins can be regarded as the basis of conducting proteins’ structural and functional research. At present, the bottlenecks of such research is based on the fact that it is difficult to purify the membrane transport proteins that have biological activity. In addition, it cannot handle those crucial factors effectively, which will affect the over-expression and purification of membrane transport proteins. In fact, necessary analysis upon membrane transport proteins’ topological structure is significant in recombinant membrane transport proteins’ vivo expression.

Furthermore, considering the current reality, membrane transport proteins will gain increasing interest in the basic research and bio-pharmaceutical project, which aims at understanding the essences of life. Such proteins can mediate broad biological processes, including but not limited to impulse conduction, nutrients uptake, cell proliferation, immune regulation and tumor genesis. Nowadays, Creative Biolabs can provide related services, which could greatly reinforce the research power in this special filed. Moreover, Creative Biolabs has developed advanced techniques and platforms to conduct vector construction, purification of different membrane proteins including G-protein coupled receptors, ion channels,membrane transport proteins, etc.

About Creative Biolabs
Creative Biolabs is a leading custom service provider that has extensive experience in membrane transport proteins. It has already developed highly dynamic, customized membrane transport protein production service, such as cell-based expression, virus-like particles, cell-free expression, and so on. Learn more about Creative Biolabs.

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