Basic Knowledge About Cell Lines

Cell line is a permanently established cell culture that can proliferate indefinitely given appropriate fresh medium and space.

Cell line differs from cell strain in that they have escaped the Hayflick limit and become immortalised. Some species, rodents in particular, give rise to cell lines relatively easily, whereas other species do not. No cell lines have been produced from avian tissues and the establishment of cell lines from human tissue is difficult. Many cell biologists would consider that a cell line is by definition already abnormal and that it is on the way towards becoming the culture equivalent of a neoplastic cell.

Immortal Cell Lines

There are various immortal cell lines. Some of them are normal cell lines – e.g. derived from stem cells. Other immortalised cell lines are the in vitro equivalent of cancerous cells. Cancer occurs when a somatic cell which normally cannot divide undergoes mutations that cause de-regulation of the normal cell cycle controls leading to uncontrolled proliferation. Immortalised cell lines have undergone similar mutations allowing a cell type which would normally not be able to divide to be proliferated in vitro. The origins of some immortal cell lines, HeLa human cells, for instance, are from naturally occurring cancers.

Hybridoma Cell Lines

Hybridomas are used as the basis for the production of antibodies in large amounts for diagnostic or therapeutic use. Creative Biolabs has many years of experince in producing Hybridomas cells. By injecting the specific antigen into a mouse, collecting an antibody-producing cell from the mouse’s spleen, and fusing it with a tumor cell (myeloma cell), then the hybridoma cells can multiply indefinitely in the laboratory and can be used to produce the specific antibody according to the customers need.

Bio-similar Cell lines

Apart from hybridoma cell lines, Creative Biolabs is also the pioneer and undisputed global leader in the rapidly emerging market for biosimilars, also known as follow-on biologics or biopharmaceuticals. It has developed a range of biosimilar stable cell lines with its proprietary gene screening and amplification system. Biosimilar cell lines are grown in suspension and produce high yields of recombinant proteins in chemically defined medium. These manufacturing cell lines have been accepted by CMO’s and manufacturers worldwide to produce cGMP material.

Learn about how to construct a cell line here.


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